I have a deeper appreciation for the sweetness of newborns every time I have the opportunity to photograph them with their older siblings. Isn’t it just amazing how fast our babies grow up? From tiny newborn to a spunky toddler – my, how they change right before our eyes….which is why I just loove, loove newborn sessions…

freezing their smallness in time…

A little yawn…so comfortable in the arms of his mommy.

…and here’s big brother and daddy. The connection between them was so lovely.

Big baby and little baby – sleeping, so peacefully. I adore this image.

This was a fantastic session. Baby boy was so very cooperative with all of the movement. What a great session…and wonderful family…more to come from this awesome session!

  • Bernd What a lovely baby! These are wonderful pictures of the new family member and the whole family!(08.24.2009 03:11am)
  • Lucie Wow! I'm soooooooooooooooooo proud of my new nephew and his family - he's really cute! Impatiently waiting for more pictures!(08.24.2009 07:34am)
  • Corina OH... so BEAUTIFUL!!! Hope to see him soon! ^__^(08.25.2009 04:08am)
  • Anita First precious moments of baby with his new family captured wonderfully. Simply adorable! Look forward to seeing more photos of this cute family. =0)(08.25.2009 07:19am)
  • Hellen Raney Kathrynn, Thank you for sharing the these wonderful photos of your family. Great family. rgds, Hellen(08.25.2009 03:33pm)
  • Katelyn Aw....how precious! I love the pic of the 2 boys sleeping...so peaceful. XOXO(08.25.2009 11:32pm)
  • Branden Smith That first photo should be a "greeting card!" SUCH BEAUTIFUL photographs! I wonder if you could make me look 1/10th as cute? ; ) ...Next time I have a baby, I'm hiring you!(08.26.2009 12:08am)
  • Linda These are such beautiful pictures of my grandsons!(08.27.2009 10:59pm)
  • Re'ne These are awesome pictures of Nico and Julian and of course of mommy & daddy too :-) Can't wait to meet Julian and to get more pictures.(08.28.2009 05:31pm)
  • Rosamond What wonderful pictures!! I can't wait to see the rest of them.(08.29.2009 01:55am)
  • Petra Congatulations on your adorable babyboy! I love the photo of the siblings sleeping tight. Great pictures!(08.30.2009 10:36am)
  • Elke und Wilhelm Henke We are so happy to see the wonderful pictures of Julian Ming-Jing - our sixth grandchild! We're looking forward to meet him, his brother and parents soon. - grandma and grandpa from germany(08.30.2009 03:03pm)
  • Christian Cute Fotographs. Looking forward to see Julian in reality! "Uncle Christian" from Germany(08.30.2009 08:14pm)
  • Tristan All newborns look the same to me, but these photos sure are nice ;) Now I got two nephews to spoil, looking forward to taking them out for ice cream.(09.01.2009 04:51am)
  • Claas This was the most relaxed photo session I've ever been a part of. I would never have thought that both kids would end up napping... - And the pictures look beautiful! The most amazing thing to me is that all these photos were taken with natural light in our house. Thanks Julie!(09.01.2009 05:07am)

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