…what a tough little tough cookie, indeed. At 10 days young, she was already very, very certain that she did not like to be moved, let alone touched – when she was asleep during our photo session. Most of the time, at 10 days, newborns are so sleepy that once they’re in a deep sleep, they snooze through all of the moving. But our little model had other ideas about that :) I can relate, though. I’m a very light sleeper myself! So, we all had to stick to a “hands off” approach every time we were able to get her to sleep a little. Luckily, she fell asleep right into this position, which just made my day. She made us work for every image, but I didn’t mind because even when she was awake, she was super cute and full of oodles of that newborn goodness that I love so much (big curious eyes, contagious yawns, tiny fingers clenched in itty bitty fists). See here for yourself just how pretty this sweet newborn baby girl is. These shots made me so excited–we were even able to successfully remove her paci–whew!

  • Rachael Super cute!(08.02.2010 09:35pm)

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