…an image speaks a thousand words, but so can one’s name. Big sister, Bella, is just that: A beauty! The apple doesn’t fall from the tree though, because her new baby sister is equally as lovely…and of course, just look at mommy! I had a wonderful time documenting these special moments with this beautiful family. I especially loved hanging out with big sis, playing princess and dolls; she reminds me so much of my own little girl! What a perfect family :)

  • Sotara Rico The photos are beautiful! We had fun and Bella was such at ease, not running away from the camera. Looking forward to seeing you again when Zoë is 6 months.(10.19.2015 12:41pm)
  • Camille super cute!(10.19.2015 08:26pm)
  • Hiral Such a beautiful family! Love the new addition and beautiful pictures Sotara!(10.19.2015 10:22pm)
  • Elaine Beautiful photos of a very beautiful family. Zoe is a real doll such a cute little face. Bella is such a precious little princess cutie pie. Rico you are certainly very blessed with your three girls. Can't wait to see them all in person soon. Thank you for sharing your happiness. Aloha(10.20.2015 12:19am)
  • Sherry Pitargue Beautiful family and Beautiful pictures!!!! Zoe and Bella are ADORABLE!(10.20.2015 02:31pm)
  • Susan Love these images!! Happiness and joy are radiating !!(10.20.2015 07:53pm)
  • Laura Arguija Simply beautiful, Sotara!! Zoë and Bella are gorgeous. She captured some pretty special moments. Love the one with Positano picture in the background.(10.21.2015 05:58am)
  • Nana These are all so beautiful. The compositions are natural and everyone looks at ease. Julie did a wonderful job; photographing babies & kids isn't as easy as it looks. Thanks for sharing these moments.(10.21.2015 03:06pm)
  • Ryan Rico Love photos! Thanks!(10.23.2015 02:48pm)
  • Melissa Beautiful family.. The pictures look amazing :)(10.23.2015 02:55pm)
  • Rod Manalo Great photos!(10.23.2015 03:41pm)
  • Sarah We love these family photos! Capturing the true happiness of your beautiful family!(10.27.2015 09:28pm)
  • Harry Lovely memorable photos of an equally lovely family!(10.27.2015 09:31pm)

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