True joy, true bliss, true love. This is what the energy felt like in their home. Everything came naturally. Their love and adoration for one another was clear. The beauty was there. The simplicity was there. Their connections were organic, natural & inspiring. I loved how much mommy loved her boys :) And I loved how much the boys loved mommy. I loved everything about the experience of photographing this sweet family. Can you feel the love in these? Love, love, so much love :)

  • Meaghan These could be by far the most gorgeous pictures ever. Beautiful family and wonderful shots!!! These just scream out "Baby Gap Ads" :)(08.01.2012 06:42am)
  • Terri Beautiful pics! Such a GORGEOUS family!!!!(08.01.2012 06:54am)
  • Molly Crabtree-Maul Julie....these are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING...thank you so much for this incredible gift...we couldn't be happier. xxoo(08.01.2012 07:58am)
  • Elisa WhaT a beautiful family!(08.01.2012 08:19am)
  • lorna Wonderful phots that you and your boys will treasure forever. So glad you did this now and hope you will be continue to document your family in the future. lots of love and miss you guys.(08.01.2012 09:03am)
  • Catie These are magical! So magical that there is a rainbow in the pic where Brehan is tossing Cali high into the air. Love that Sock Monkey and the rock camera make cameos, and that Jack literally has stars in his eyes. Really special moments. xo(08.01.2012 06:49pm)
  • Mommy Could be the most gorgeous family ever. Not that I'm prejudiced.(08.02.2012 05:26pm)
  • Laine Mulvehill Stunning pictures! What a beautiful family; how blessed you all are!(08.03.2012 07:05am)
  • Erin These pictures are absolutely gorgeous! What a beautiful family!!!(08.13.2012 02:10pm)
  • Anna Seriously?! Could these be more beautiful?! You should all just go be a professional model family!!(08.24.2012 07:08am)

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