…mama to be is hot! Lookin’ fierce in her third trimester – very saucy and pretty as can be. She’s spunky, energetic, upbeat and positive — just the type of person I love to hang out with! We got along so, so well — it was as if we’ve known each other for years :) Though it was cloudy on the morning of our photo shoot, mommy and daddy to be brought enough fire to keep warm (how cute and in love are they?!) Plus, just look at Bruno, their first baby – he is seriously the sweetest doggie ever! He’s going to be a wonderful big ┬ábrother to buttercup. I’m so excited to meet her in a little under a month (or sooner!)

  • Billette Looks SUPER!!!The picture where all are lying on the grass is my favorite!(10.20.2010 05:19pm)
  • Vanessa Oh my goodness!! These are the most AMAZING photos of all time!! OHMG!! I am sooo moved. WOW....we just couldn't be more happy for you. What a lifetime treasure these photos will be for your family. Congrats you guys...we love you!!(10.21.2010 11:23am)
  • Elizabeth Love, love, love the pictures! I especially like the resting on the grass shot. Can't wait to see what you'll do with Buttercup. I'm definitely ordering.(10.25.2010 11:54am)
  • Catherine The pictures came out AMAZING!!! We couldn't be more pleased. Thank you, Julie for a wonderful morning at the beach and for capturing the moments so well. We can't wait to see the rest of the pictures!(10.26.2010 01:12am)
  • Lisa Catherine, The photos are amazing; what a great showcase of your family and of SoCal! I can't wait to see the baby photos after Buttercup arrives! Love and Miss you! Lisa(10.28.2010 04:08pm)
  • Carolina Catherine, These pictures are sooooooooo beautiful. They are so unique and really capture you and martine, bruno, and buttercup. The picture of you three lying down was amazing but frankly there is not one bad picture in this bunch. KUDOS to the photographer! Carolina(11.25.2010 05:50pm)
  • Debra Talk about fire! You three lit it up for her! I love the shots. The are all just perfect and really capture the beautiful 8 months the three of you enjoyed awaiting the arrival of the 'lady of the hour!' I really love how the photographer made Daddy a part of the shoot as well and not limit it to Mommy and baby alone. They really are beautiful and something that you can really appreciate for years to come. Oh, and did I say I WILL be ordering! Love you guys!(12.09.2010 09:57am)

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