Our goal for this shoot was to get some awesome sunflare…so we scheduled a sunset maternity session….I really love sunset sessions for pregnancy photos. There’s just something so magical about the golden light just before sunset..as it casts a warm glow over the pregnant belly. It’s really fantastic. I was very much looking forward to photographing this pretty mama! So after two weeks of waiting…and over an hour of driving for mommy and daddy to be, we meet up at our spot and guess what? It’s so, so, so cloudy. The clouds were completely blocking ALL of the sun’s beautiful rays :( I was so bummed, so bummed. BUT, because it was cloudy, I was able to capture the blueness of the sky and got the first shot below. Which has got to be one of my favorite maternity photo ever. I love it so so much :) As if it’s not enough to get to photograph her twice…I also get to photograph her baby’s birth…and then have a newborn shoot!  I <3 my job.

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