This session was just so sweet. Not only was Tyler super duper cute that morning, but the energy between him and his momma was sooo beautiful. The way mommy snuggled with her little man made my heart melt….I definitely felt warm and fuzzy inside while clicking away behind my camera. She’s got this gentle energy about her…the way she holds her baby, the way she talks to him so lovingly and gently…the glowing adoration in her eyes when she looks at him…It’s really the most beautiful thing. One of my favorite things to do during a photo session is to just sit back and watch mom & baby interact – mommies are naturally loving and nurturing, so it’s a wonderful thing to just let the magic happen on its own. Perhaps part of why I love doing this is because I can totally relate to the feeling – when I snuggle with my boy, it’s like the world is put on hold and I’m completely living in that moment :) ┬áSo when I’m photographing other mommies, it’s like I can feel what they’re feeling, and it totally makes me choke up. Now, all I need to do is find a photographer to photograph us instead of me being behind the camera – teehee. As you can see, I love my job. Really. Getting to witness, capture and be surrounded by LOVE every day. It’s amazing!

Warm & fuzzy, indeed.

  • Trish Julie - Your photos are as beautiful as your spirit. You do a great job capturing the love mommies feel for their little ones. Your photos are truly special.(04.25.2010 09:36am)
  • Sohee Julie, we had a great time. Thank you for capturing our family in such a beautiful way. Your style is truly unique and we can't wait to see the full session!(04.25.2010 12:54pm)

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