Well, hello there gorgeous baby boy! I know, I know, he’s just the cutest little thing – with those amazing eyes, sweet smile, and rosy cheeks! He’s so beautiful in fact, that the security guard at Santa Monica Pier thought he was a baby model so he stopped us and asked me to sign a photography waiver. Not kidding. I really can’t blame the guy…I mean, look at how handsome this baby boy is! This is no surprise though, because when we had our 7 month photo session, he was just as adorable, only smaller :)

It was an absolutely beautiful day! Beautiful surroundings, beautiful light…and of course, a beautiful family! Pardon my out of order blog posting, I’ll be post sneakies from last week’s sessions soon! A little behind here :)

  • Erica Julie these are fantastic as per usual! I didn't realize how big he was until I was looking at these...our little man is growing up:)(03.22.2010 02:48pm)
  • Monica Bowers Wow - wonderful photos. Thanks for your great work once again, Julie :)(03.22.2010 02:49pm)
  • Grandpa Perfect photographs of my perfect grandson!(03.22.2010 03:11pm)
  • Tesa ( Grandmom) He is so cute and beautiful. Look at these sky blue eyes and the smile !!!!! I love the pictures.(03.24.2010 02:53pm)
  • Auntie Lauren He's just like his Auntie. Loves those chocolate cupcakes :)(03.27.2010 02:18pm)
  • Jennifer AMAZING! Such great photos. He's so cute and it getting so big. Can't wait to see him again :)(04.07.2010 01:18pm)

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