…sand can be quite effective in keeping babies happy. A handful of sand in the mouth every few minutes can lead to lots of smiles and giggles :) True, it may not be very flavorful, but the gritty texture must be very interesting! This sweet baby girl showed me that – yes, sand is messy–but is so much fun to nibble on! In between sand munching, we captured some sweet moments of her + her family, in honor of her first birthday!

  • Kelly Martinez Julie-- you are the absolute best! These are great. WE love them and cant wait to see more.(12.12.2010 09:43am)
  • Texas "Aunt" Susan Oh my god - they are all awesome! She is so beautiful.(12.12.2010 09:44am)
  • Sue Abdelatif SWEET! Fantastic family photos, especially since baby Abby managed to take daddy's hat away! Good job Abbster! You get a high five for that one. It shows your a blessed family!(12.12.2010 11:20am)
  • Aunt Kristy The pictures are adorable!!!! Abby is the cutest!!!(12.13.2010 09:01pm)

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