…he lit up the entire room! It’s not like I have some kind of magic baby dust that instantly makes every baby googly eyed over me. Sure, most times babies find me at least somewhat interesting enough to giggle and smile, but not always. Sometimes they look at me like I’m a little nutty, wondering why I’m making strange sounds and dancing all over the place :) I’m not sure little man was too impressed by my dance moves, but he was fond of his daddy’s games of peekaboo! He loved it so much he let out huge smiles and coos every time – which was the most adorable thing ever! I think dads have a special way of making their little ones laugh ’til their bellies ache (or in this case, until drool trickled down)!

  • Cindy Vong Such an adorable baby! Luv it!(03.20.2011 07:26pm)
  • Katrina Feltman What a beautiful family!(03.20.2011 07:52pm)
  • Adrianne Hollemans Gorgeous family!!! I love these pictures!(03.21.2011 08:44am)
  • Hanh Nguyen I love these pictures!!! Beautiful family!!! I cant wait to meet the little guy!(03.21.2011 08:58am)
  • richard vong so f-ing cute...(03.27.2011 06:30pm)

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