Just as her big brother did 3 years ago, this sweet baby girl wow’d me with her adorable, feisty spirit! She’s got personality, that’s for sure! Her cute little nose, mischievous smile, chubby cheeks and beautifully wavy whispy hair had me thinking back to her brother and what an adorable baby he was (and handsome boy he is now) when we first met. Lucky parents to have such beautiful kiddos!

  • Charmie LOVE the photos. Thank you Julie for capturing these precious moments.(10.04.2013 07:20am)
  • Yvette Picture perfect! What a beautiful family!(10.04.2013 09:55am)
  • Kelli Cyute! Love it.(10.05.2013 05:51am)
  • Caroline Fabulous photos of Vincent & Claire Anh!!! Their facial expression was well captured and the scenery was magnificient.(10.08.2013 09:32am)
  • CHRISTINA ADOREEEE!! Lovely pictures!!! She really did an absolute great job on these. I LOVE YOUR FAMILY!!!(10.08.2013 09:26pm)

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