…is the only word that can really describe how I was feeling throughout our session! It was an absolute blast hanging out, playing on the beach, cracking jokes with the kids (their kids are so awesome, by the way – totally cute and sooo funny). True, we did have a sandy mess at the end of the session (and little man taking a full body dip into the ocean – fully clothed), but even he was a great sport about it – not even a peep/cry! And mom and dad were so relaxed…laughed, joked, and had a blast playing with their beautiful kiddos – which always, always shows through in the images….as you can see:

I think it’s safe to say that, one – they are a gorgeous family…and two – they looove being together :)

  • Sarah We had so much fun! Julie is so great with kids... P & Cash were laughing the whole time!(08.23.2010 04:16pm)
  • Denise LeBeau Bois Sarah - Great photos of your family!! Definitely looks like you had a great time.(08.23.2010 04:33pm)
  • Paula Seymour you guys look great! Fabulous pix!(08.23.2010 05:31pm)
  • Randy Holland My goodness! Is this an L.L. Bean advertisement! What great Pics of the family. Looks like lots o fun(08.23.2010 06:08pm)

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