of real family life!  Being a mother of one myself, I often find that I’m scatterbrained and running around every day chasing my boy all over the place….I can only imagine how fast paced things must be with three little ones! So in case anyone’s curious, here’s a daily dose of some real family life. Ingredients include: Cool/calm/collected mommy and daddy duo, a sweet and sassy 3 year old, an energetic and extremely fast 4 year old…and an adorably cute and cuddly 1 year old. Family sessions like this one take on a life of their own. I typically offer some direction, but always take the kids’ lead in the end. It’s so much fun letting events unfold naturally…because I get images that are real…and completely special and unique to the family and their one of a kind dynamics. Yes, I always try to get a handful of “everyone looking at the camera” images…and sitting down/staying *relatively* still shots….BUT, my favorites are of moments when the kids are being kids! Running, jumping, having fun!!! Family sessions are fast, hilarious, and involve lots of movement…and very little posing. Here are some of my faves!

The last image here pretty much sums up how the session went. Lots of jumping, laughing, kids just being kids…and guess what — with the help of a few dum dums, we ended up getting what I like to call,  ”the” shot (one with everyone looking at me)! Woohoo :)

  • Sandra Thank you so much Julie. The kids loved playing with you and had a ton of fun. We can't wait to see the rest! :)(10.25.2010 07:02am)
  • Li Beautiful work.(10.25.2010 07:33am)
  • Tammy These pictures are PRICELESS! I love Ryan's solo picture, soo adorable.(10.25.2010 08:46am)
  • Kelly What wonderful pix and the kids look so happy!!! My favorite one is the B&W of you holding Ryan sitting with Jon on grass with Kaitlyn and Matt running to you. Priceless !(10.25.2010 09:00am)
  • Nelson Wu Nice Pics!(10.25.2010 09:01am)
  • Terry Beautiful pictures!!!(10.25.2010 09:17am)
  • Niki N. Love love love them!!!(10.25.2010 09:34am)
  • Jean love the candid shots!! everyone looks so happy-go-lucky!!! :)(10.25.2010 10:01am)
  • Bryan Great pictures of the family!!(10.25.2010 10:03am)
  • J Remy Awesome pics! I want to jump on a bed now.(10.25.2010 10:27am)
  • Leanne The pictures are just lovely! They capture the fun-loving spirit of the beautiful Nakagawa family! Nice work!(10.25.2010 10:46am)
  • George Very Nice!(10.25.2010 10:53am)
  • Carrie - Grandma Of course every grandmother thinks their grandchildren are adorable...but really....aren't my grandchildren beautiful??? Jon and Sandra aren't too shabby themselves! Great pictures capturing the moment.(10.25.2010 11:27am)
  • Remy So cute! Love the pics Sandra and Jon and it looks like you guys had fun.(10.25.2010 05:00pm)
  • Jon thanks julie. the pictures turned out great! can't wait to see the rest of them.(10.25.2010 06:11pm)
  • Grace The colors are beautiful. Love your work.(10.25.2010 06:21pm)
  • Sam They look like they're having so much fun.(10.26.2010 07:00am)
  • Kath Kids are so cute! Pictures are beautiful.(10.26.2010 08:05am)
  • Dave Awesome!(10.27.2010 07:30am)
  • May I love the candid shots! Beautifully captures the moment.(10.27.2010 03:37pm)
  • Christine Sooooooo cute! P.S. Can I trade bedrooms? (#20)(10.27.2010 05:21pm)
  • Jen Love it....especially the one of R in his diapers.(10.28.2010 02:31pm)
  • Arnold Beautiful pics, guys! Looks like all the kids had a blast!(10.29.2010 08:24pm)

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