“It’s a big world baby, and you’re little – for a little while”

I came across this song on YouTube. My son likes to listen to music when he’s eating, so I’m always looking for new songs for him. The chorus for this song just stopped me in my tracks. It is totally a BIG world for our little ones – but more importantly, our children just grow up so fast – and it’s so true that they’re only¬† “little for a little while”. My eyes started to fill with tears as I realized how fast my baby is growing up….that pretty soon, he won’t need or want me to feed him in his high chair….that pretty soon he’ll be as tall as me…..that pretty soon he’ll have a full set of teeth…that pretty soon, he won’t want me to photograph him anymore (gasp)!¬† I just stared at him for a while, soaking in his little-ness…and how much I adore him.

And just because posts without images are no fun…

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